‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Clip Teases Famous Spock Line [Video]

Let it never be said that J.J. Abrams fails to pay loving homage to what came before him. A teaser clip for the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness shows the entire crew of the Enterprise in action, and reveals that a classic Spock line made the cut for the highly-anticipated sequel.

As many fans await the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, there has been a lot of online speculation as to how (or if) the new film will overlap with the classic Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Early rumor held that producers were considering introducing a rebooted Khan into the film series continuity, but such talk was apparently laid to rest when it was announced that Benedict Cumberbatch would be a new character named John Harrison.

Still, a shot from the first trailer showed two hands against one another through a pane of glass, an apparent reference to a memorable Wrath of Khan scene between Kirk and Spock which set the tone for the next two films.

Today’s Star Trek Into Darkness clip is sure to stoke further Wrath of Khan speculation, as Zachary Quinto repeats one of Spock’s most famous lines: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

Star Trek Into Darkness hits select IMAX theaters on May 15, and will open nationwide on May 17. You can watch a clip from the film below, but let us know what you think. Will this film somehow tie into Wrath of Khan, despite the rebooted continuity? Sound off!

[Image via: Official Star Trek Facebook page]