29-Story Video Game: Philadelphia Skyscraper Turns Into World’s Largest Game Of Pong [Video]

You’ve never really played Pong until you’ve played it on the side of a skyscraper. Yep, a 29-story skyscraper in Philadelphia became the site of the world’s largest video game this week.

According to NPR, the 29-story video game was created to kick off Philly Tech week by Frank Lee, a professor at Drexel University.

The game lit up the side of the Cira Centre building in Philadelphia. It contained a 400-foot tall “screen” made up of a web of LED lights and mirrored glass.

Lee said: “The idea for this project began in 2008 when I was driving East on I76 in Philadelphia at night heading towards Center City … Like many nights before, I saw the sparkling lights of the beautiful Cira Centre building. However, this night as I was staring at those lights, in my mind’s eye I saw Tetris shapes outlined by those lights rotating and falling.”

According to Yahoo News, about 1,000 people entered a lottery to play the 29-story video game. Darren Davis, 17, was one of the first people to grab the joystick in front of the Cira Centre.

Davis said: “To be honest, taking my hands on the joystick, it was pretty amazing. I actually really liked it … It definitely is inspiration to make me want to top this, because I know I can.”

Here’s a video about the giant game in Philadelphia.

Here’s a look at the game in action.