Ryan Dorsey Moves In With Late Ex-Wife Naya Rivera's Sister Nickayla Months After Her Death

Just months after her tragic drowning death, Naya Rivera's ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey, and her sister, model Nickayla Rivera, have reportedly become very close, the Daily Mail recently revealed.

According to the outlet, Ryan, 37, has moved in with Nickayla, 25, as the two care for Naya's son, Josey. The child was with the actress when she drowned at Lake Piru in California and was later discovered sleeping alone on the boat. The publication also noted that Nickayla and Ryan are apparently working to raise Josey along with Naya's parents.

Ryan and Nickayla were seen out and about in several candid photos, holding hands and shopping at Target. They apparently moved into a three-bedroom apartment together and were first spotted when she was helping him move things from his previous home in the San Fernando Valley.

"They were fooling around and chatting the whole time. They're obviously helping lift each other's spirits," an insider told the publication.

Naya initially tried to sever ties from Ryan in 2016, but the two later reconciled. They then decided to officially call it quits in 2018 and co-parented son Josey thereafter.

Ryan Dorsey & Naya Rivera attend March of Dimes event.
Getty Images | Joe Scarnici

After the story was shared on Twitter by the Daily Mail, many users were quick to share their thoughts about the situation, with over 950 users retweeting the article with their varying opinions. Many people condemned the behavior from the two, thinking they were getting too close, while a few others actually showed their support, saying it was perhaps best for the child.

"[I]'m sure she wouldn't want her sister sleeping with her ex and then being the kid's mum...... it's a 100% no from me. [S]o wrong!" scoffed one user.

"This some telenovela type sh*t," a person joked, suggesting the situation reminded them of a soap opera.

"Naya left behind a young child. If I were to pass away, my sister getting close to my ex and taking care of my child would be the best case scenario," another follower wrote.

"[S]he wants to help raise her nephew because her sister can't, what's wrong with that??" a fourth individual questioned.

Naya's death was indeed tragic, as her many fans, ex-co-stars, former lovers, and family members shared their intense grief following her passing. Famous ex-boyfriend Big Sean noted his sadness about the matter, posting a tribute to the actress on his Instagram. As The Inquisitr reported, the rapper also discussed his "IDFWU" song, claiming it wasn't actually a diss at Naya, as most previously suspected.