'The Young And The Restless' Recap For Monday: Amanda Learns All About Hilary

The Young and the Restless episode on Monday, September 28, featured Jack raining on Kyle and Summer's parade. Kyle tried to find Lola. Devon tried to make amends with Elena, and Amanda learned about her twin from Hilary's many friends.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah (Camryn Grimes) saw Amanda (Mishael Morgan) watching Hilary in an old episode of GC Buzz. Amanda told Mariah that Hilary was her twin, and Mariah empathized with losing a twin she'd never met. Then, she painted a picture of her former GC Buzz co-host. Some of what she said left Amanda horrified after Mariah described both physical and verbal abuse. However, Mariah noted that she'd never backed down from Hilary, and in the end, they were friends. She also suggested that Amanda talk to Jack (Peter Bergman) about her sister.

Later, Amanda caught up with Jack, and he expressed how much Hilary had meant to him. He talked about how they'd met through Neil (Kristoff St. John) and how he would do anything for Hilary. Once they became closer, Jack said that he and Hilary were confidantes. Jack also expounded on how vulnerable and generous Hilary was.

After that, Amanda talked about Hilary with Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). Not surprisingly, Phyllis shocked Amanda by telling her that she and Hilary were kindred spirits because of their ability to make enemies. While the picture the residents of Genoa City painted for Amanda about Hilary wasn't always pretty, it was honest. Ultimately, Amanda learned that her sister's friends and family had loved her.

Michael Mealor of the CBS series THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.
CBS | Johnny Vy

Kyle (Michael Mealor) surprised Summer (Hunter King) by admitting he wanted to tell Jack about their engagement by himself. Jack walked in, and Kyle left. Jack said that Summer looked radiant, and he guessed it was young love, which Jack said he wished he could bottle. Summer teased her former stepfather about being young at heart and encouraged him to continue looking for his special someone.

Later, Kyle told his father that he got engaged to Summer. Jack wasn't thrilled with the news. He wondered why Kyle was rushing since he was still married to Lola (Sasha Calle). Kyle said he and Summer were moving in together, and he wanted to make things official.

At Society, Lola flashed back to accidentally finding out about Kyle and Summer's engagement. When Mariah showed up, Lola admitted she'd dumped Theo (Tyler Johnson). Mariah wondered if she still loved Kyle, but Lola said he was with Summer for real. When Kyle came looking for Lola, Mariah said she'd stepped out but promised to tell Lola that he'd stopped by to see her. After Kyle left, Lola agreed to a girls' night out with Mariah.

Finally, at Chancellor Park, Devon (Bryton James) surprised Elena (Brytni Sarpy) with a picnic. She wondered if it was really for her or if his guilt was talking. He admitted that things with Amanda had taken up a lot of time. They enjoyed themselves, and then they went home for some grown-up time.