Lindsey Vonn Drools During ‘Gross’ Dental Procedure: ‘I Got New Teeth’

lindsey vonn skiing
Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

Skier Lindsey Vonn shared an exceptionally candid video of herself on Instagram, sporting a cracked tooth and drooling while she underwent a dental procedure.

Ordinarily, people who make their living in the public eye — particularly those who cultivate an attractive image and whose income is derived from sponsorship and endorsement deals — like to put their best foot forward when it comes to how they present themselves on social media. As such, it was a bit of an odd move for the Olympic skier to show her more vulnerable side — specifically, while she drooled during a medical procedure.

Lindsey posted a video consisting of several brief clips of herself at the dentist’s office. Some readers may not want to watch the video below, as it can be uncomfortable for anyone who gets uneasy about this sort of procedure.

In the first brief clip, one of her front teeth were being drilled, the piercing sound audible for all to hear, while the dentist gave words of encouragement.

“HOW I GOT NEW TEETH,” she captioned the segment.

The following footage showed the tooth being worked on now little more than a stump, while she licked it.


A third short segment showed her lying back while a machine sucked out her saliva.


In the fourth clip, she showed herself wearing a dental gag that spread her lips apart so the dentist could access her teeth. The camera zoomed in on a stream of saliva exiting her mouth.


After a couple more brief clips, she eventually asked the dentist, whom she identified as Dr. Dorfman, if she “dare see” what her new mouth looked like. The doctor gave permission and Lindsey gave a beaming smile as she showed off his work.

“I’m Lindsey Vonn, Olympic gold medalist,” she said in the final clip. Here she appeared fully dressed, wearing a purple top with her look more in line with that of a social media influencer’s Instagram shot.

It’s not clear why Lindsey had dental work done, although in her career as a professional athlete, she’s suffered multiple injuries, and it’s not unlikely she may have damaged her teeth at some point.

In the comments, the skier’s fans offered their well-wishes, while some asked why she needed the work done and others detailed their own injuries that led to similar dental procedures.