Upcoming ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin & Sasha Have An Encounter

'General Hospital' star Sofia Mattsson poses for a promo pic.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers coming up in the next couple of weeks tease that Valentin Cassadine and Sasha Gilmore will have some type of encounter soon. Soap Central had a sneak peek into what will be happening the week of October 5 between those two.

Although not many details have been revealed just yet, it sounds like Sasha may just confide in Valentin about her growing drug dependency. The spoilers say that she will open up to him. There is a possibility that Sasha will get caught using the cocaine and it will be Valentin who sees her. She just made the call last week to purchase more from her dealer. General Hospital fans are bracing themselves for an overdose, but someone could stop her before it’s too late.

Valentin seems to be in everyone’s business lately. He had just recently been a friend to Alexis when she was beaten down by Neil’s death. Now it sounds like he may do the same for Sasha. Both women have been affected by drugs and it seems like the two situations could be tied in together. Could Valentin be the one who figures things out?

Cyrus has been trafficking drugs through Port Charles. He is also the new chairman on the board of General Hospital and has done plenty of damage since then. Jordan assumed that he was the one who killed Neil Byrne, but it looks like there could be another drug supplier in town.

Sofia Mattsson and Lynn Herring on the set of 'General Hospital'
  Valerie Durant / ABC

Valentin and Sasha will have a chat, but it may not be about drugs. The spoiler could mean that she opens about her feelings on Michael and Willow’s marriage. Her ex appears to be falling in love with his new wife and that has Sasha very upset. Her drug use has increased and it’s bound to come to a head sooner or later.

Her use has escalated in the months since she was introduced to the white powder right before the Deception photo shoot and has now become a major problem. Hearing all about Michael and Willow’s happiness has her wanting more.

After her chat with Willow at GH last week, Sasha is convinced that they are in love with each other and that there is no hope for her and Chase, However, Chase thought she was wrong about that. As indicated by The Inquisitr, Sasha told Chase that things are very clear now. She knows that it’s too late for them to confess what they did and that they both need to move on.

This story line on General Hospital will be getting even more intense soon. Neil’s death and Sasha’s cocaine use may have the residents of Port Charles scrambling even harder to take Cyrus down once and for all.