Paulie Calafiore Goes Toe-To-Toe With Brother Cody’s Haters On Twitter

Paulie Calafiore (L) and Cody Calafiore (R) in composite image

Warning: This article reveals the winner of the Week 8 Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions on Big Brother All-Stars.

Paulie Calafiore and Cody Calafiore are well-known brothers of the reality television community. Cody kicked off the family side hustle by appearing on Big Brother Season 16 where he made it to the final two but ultimately lost to his ride-or-die Derrick Levasseur. Paulie followed in his brother’s footsteps by appearing on the hit CBS show for Season 18 and made it to the jury. A few years later, Paulie would make his debut on MTV smash hit The Challenge for three separate appearances.

Now that Cody is back in the spotlight on All-Stars, he’s getting some hate from viewers that don’t care for his gameplay. Paulie has stayed relatively quiet on his brother’s game but shows support occasionally online. Yesterday it was revealed that Cody won the OTEV Power of Veto challenge, after already nabbing the Head of Household for the week. Some BB fans immediately began slamming Cody in the comments section of popular live feeds account Big Brother Daily on Twitter, seen here. It wasn’t long before Paulie jumped in.

“Look at all the participation trophy losers in here. Y’all do realize WINNING COMPS KEEPS YOU SAFE. Something that everybody who’s been evicted hasn’t done is WIN COMPS. Y’all expect the game to just be handed to people?!” he wrote.

Cody Calafiore wins the first HOH in Big Brother All-Stars

One user responded, saying Cody shouldn’t get respect for doing the same thing that’s been done all season, putting up the “underdogs.” The user said viewers don’t want to see the same thing every single week.

“David and Kevin are not all stars so let me stop you right there. They are lucky to have lasted this long,” Paulie wrote back.

Paulie eventually went toe-to-toe with several trolls who commented on a tweet — seen here — where he expressed excitement for Cody winning the POV. The reality star joked he was going to kiss Cody when he saw him. Things took a dark turn in the comments when a user accused Paulie of having “tiny man syndrome,” to which he responded the user had “ugly face” syndrome. Eventually, Paulie’s girlfriend and Challenge star Cara Maria Sorbello was dragged in after a tweeter accused her of injecting herself with testosterone.

In a separate post, Paulie made a point of Rachel Reilly’s victory on BB13 to combat the current viewers who are upset with the dominating alliance. He pointed out that Rachel was the underdog her whole season but still went on to win, as she won the POV when she was nominated and took home the HOHs when it was most important. His point disputes critics of All-Stars who feel the outsiders don’t have a shot because they are being ganged up on by The Committee.