Huey Lewis Car Theft Suspect Pleads Guilty

Musician Huey Lewis was the victim of car theft earlier this year, according to officials from the California Highway Patrol. The woman accused of swiping the singer’s rental car from a hotel parking lot has agreed to a plea deal in the case and is scheduled to be sentenced next month.

Huey Lewis was staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Mill Valley, California when the rental car theft occurred. He explained to police that he left the car idling in the parking lot as he briefly dashed inside the hotel to grab a receipt. Although the singer quickly returned, the 2012 Toyota Corolla had vanished.

The 62-year-old musician and actor — best known as the lead singer of the band Huey Lewis and the News — also reported that several personal items, including a laptop, were inside the car when the theft occurred.

While an initial investigation failed to uncover any suspects in the case, the California Highway Patrol received a tip four days later that led them to 31-year-old Katherine Bowyer Gallagher.

Witnesses reported seeing Gallager, known as a local transient, near the Holiday Inn Express at the time the car theft occurred.

Officers looking into the report were exiting the hotel premises when they spotted the suspected car thief behind the wheel of the stolen vehicle.

Gallagher was immediately stopped, identified, and booked on suspicion of vehicle theft and possession of stolen property.

After being busted for swiping Huey Lewis’ rental vehicle and personal belongings, Gallagher reportedly entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors. As part of her deal, the district attorney’s office agreed to dismiss the car theft charge.

Instead, the woman pleaded guilty to possession of stolen property in exchange for a sentence of 50 days behind bars. Although she is set to receive formal sentencing in the case next month, Gallagher has reportedly racked up enough jail credits to effectively remain free after sentencing is handed down by the courts.

According to the terms of her agreement with prosecutors, once she satisfactorily pays restitution for the theft of Huey Lewis’ rental car and personal belongings, Gallagher’s conviction can be reduced to a mere misdemeanor. The singer, meanwhile, has not commented on the unfortunate incident.

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