Glen Campbell’s Fight With Alzheimer’s Forces Him To Stop Touring

County music legend Glen Campbell’s struggle with Alzheimer’s has forced him to stop touring.

The musician’s wife and his managers stated that the disease has progressed to the point that he can now longer tour in support of his work. Campbell wrapped up his “Goodbye Tour” towards the end of last year.

While his days on the road might be coming to an end, Glen Campbell is still laying down vocal tracks for a brand new collection of songs. The country music icon’s last album See You There is expected to arrive on retail shelves this summer.

Kim Campbell explained that Glen’s struggle with Alzheimer’s makes it difficult for him to record as much music as he’d like. However, she said he still manages to record tracks when he’s able to do so.

Although the disease has prevented him from enjoying certain aspects of his life, Kim explained that she and her husband still try to get out as much as they can.

She explained:

“The other night we went to see Merle Haggard and hung out with Toby Keith on his bus. Everybody played different songs and had a great time. So we’re still out there trying to do that kind of stuff. But eventually we might not be able to do that.”

Surfdog Records owner Dave Kaplan said that Campbell’s See You There is much more intimate than his previous recordings. He explained this has to do with the changes his voice has undergone over the past few years.

“They were haunting and stunning and had this new intimacy in a way I hadn’t heard these songs,” Kaplan explained.

Glen Campbell will celebrate his birthday (April 22) by attending a fundraising dinner for the Alzheimer’s Association in Washington, D.C. The musician will also pay a visit to Capitol Hill to visit the Senate.

See You There will be available to fans of the acclaimed musician on July 30.

Do you enjoy Glen Campbell’s music? Are you disappointed that the country music legend’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease has forced him to stop touring?

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