Upcoming ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Homecoming Dance For The Teens May Prove To Be Quite Memorable

Eden McCoy, William Lipton, and Sydney Mikayla in 'General Hospital' promo pic.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for the week of September 28 tease that the homecoming dance for the teens is coming up. According to Soap Central, Jax is determined to make it a memorable one for them, especially for his daughter Josslyn.

It’s not confirmed on exactly what Jax has planned for the evening, but he is not about to let this event go by without making sure it’s special for them. Josslyn, Cameron, Trina, and Dev are hanging out together as friends, but it could possibly be full of teenage emotions. It’s supposed to be a fun night for all four of them, but romance may be in the air. Ever since Cameron and Trina’s kiss, things have been slightly awkward between them. Josslyn now knows all about it, though, and she seems to be okay with it.

However, she is starting to develop romantic feelings towards her BFF and he has been making eyes at her recently as well. They both met up on Friday’s show and had a nice chat. They seemed to be quite close when they got ready to leave, but Josslyn broke the spell first. Cameron told her that she would look beautiful no matter what and that seemed to bring out some feelings they have yet to explore. She seems to be hesitant to go any further, however.

Eden McCoy and Ashton Arbab on set of 'General Hospital'
  Valerie Durant / ABC

It was revealed this past week on General Hospital that Dev really likes Josslyn when he went to get some advice from Brando. Trina used to like Dev romantically, but now she is into Cameron. Josslyn used to like Dev, but he turned down her kiss a few months ago. Because of all this drama, the night should be interesting for these four teens.

Earlier this week, The Inquisitr had detailed the conversation Josslyn and Trina had. Trina did not admit to liking Cameron more than she lets on. She previously told her BFF that it was just one kiss, right after she lost her dad, and they were both feeling anxious about their kidnapping. This dance is hopefully a little less memorable than that one, when Trina and Cameron ended up in the hands of Cyrus Renault’s henchmen.

In the meantime, Jax will be doing whatever he can to help his daughter have a great time with her friends. Hopefully, Cyrus will not see this as another opportunity to wreak havoc on the teens and their fun night together.