‘Big Brother 22’ Week 8 Spoilers: New HOH Nominates Two Players For Eviction

The cast of Big Brother All-Stars

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 22.

Week 8 in Big Brother All-Stars is steadily moving along now that the new Head of Household (HOH) has nominated two houseguests for eviction. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Cody Calafiore nabbed the eighth HOH of the season, giving him the power for the second time this summer. Big Brother Daily on Twitter is reporting that Cody nominated Kevin Campbell and David Alexander for eviction in a move that surprised no one.

Kevin and David have no solid alliances and the remaining houseguests are all working with one another in some form. The Committee alliance has been dominating the game and has been the driving force behind every eviction this summer. Discussions on the live feeds suggest that Kevin is the true target, as Christmas Abbott hinted that Cody’s nomination speech leaned toward this.

David admitted to Christmas that he knew this is a part of playing the game, but said he was frustrated and was looking at things like a viewer of the show would. He said it’s the same thing over and over every week and nothing exciting has happened, as the same people are always safe and the others are always in danger.

Cody Calafiore makes a speech in Big Brother

David assumed this season has been boring for the viewers at home — a point that appears to be justified to some extent. Fans have been expressing their frustration over All-Stars on Twitter this summer, with many sick of the repetitiveness and how no one will make a big move.

The Power of Veto (POV) meeting will play out this weekend and will feature prizes as well as power. This is a part of the Neighbor Week twist which was revealed last night. Dr. Will Kirby announced he had moved in next door and teased the HOH and POV competitions would offer prizes in addition to the coveted powers, which will tempt players to go one way or the other. This could be good for David and Kevin, as they will want the POV instead of a cash prize, which players not on the block will likely be more inclined to choose.

The Veto is imperative for Kevin, especially since he had a very heated conversation with Cody prior to nominations. Christmas also called Kevin a “snake” while she talked to the cameras. If he wins, however, one of their alliance members would have to go up. David would end up being voted out if this happened, but things would drastically shake up shortly after in the triple eviction, which is to come on Thursday.