Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Martin Gray Is Mugged And Julian Is The No.1 Suspect

Headshot of William deVry for 'General Hospital.'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

In the previews for Monday’s General Hospital, attorney Martin Gray will seemingly be caught up in some trouble. He is seen trying to get some help after he says he was mugged.

The lawyer walked into General Hospital with a nasty scrape on his face and holding onto the back of his head. It looks like he may have been hit over the head and then fell to the ground. It’s not known whether he became unconscious at one point, but he will definitely need medical help. Dr. Portia Robinson is seen running towards him to help out.

Although Martin’s attacker remains unknown at the moment — and he probably has plenty of enemies due to the sneaky tactics he uses to win his cases — there is one person who is most likely involved, Julian Jerome. Julian met up with Martin at the Metro Court this past week to talk about his then-missing wife, Nelle Benson.

Martin has something that Julian is desperate to get and the pub owner will do pretty much anything to get it. While the men were chatting, Martin got a call from the PCPD letting him know that Nelle was found dead. In normal circumstances, Julian would be off the hook and out of his forced marriage to Nelle. However, she left a letter in Martin’s possession stating that if anything should happen to her, he is to take that to the PCPD. The note would incriminate Julian in Wiley’s kidnapping and also in the baby switch that sent Brad to prison.

Chloe Lanier and Michael E Knight on the set of 'General Hospital'
  XJ Johnson / ABC

Julian is likely the one who will attack Nelle’s attorney and take the suitcase that has the evidence in it. Or he may hire someone to do it. He had already broke into Martin’s office previously, but he wasn’t able to locate the letter. He later discovered that Martin always carries his important papers with him at all times, as viewers saw Nelle’s envelope sitting in his briefcase.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that on Monday Julian will receive a tempting offer. It may be that Julian didn’t mug Martin after all, and somebody else who caught wind of the pub owner’s dilemma decided to cash in. Julian has become desperate to keep the fact that he knew Wiley’s identity and kept it from Michael a secret, as that information would surely cost him his life if Sonny found out.

Although the identity of Martin’s attacker is a mystery for now, fans will likely find out who took the briefcase next week.