WWE News: Roman Reigns Reveals When He Plans On Stepping Away From The Company

Roman Reigns celebrates title victory at WWE show

In a recent interview with After the Bell, by way of Sportskeeda, Roman Reigns revealed when he’ll step away from WWE. According to the Universal Champion, he won’t hang up his boots until there’s a worthy heir to his throne.

The superstar equated the situation to his rise to the top. Reigns said that him grabbing the proverbial brass ring allowed another legendary performer to step away from the WWE spotlight, and he wants to be able to pass the torch to someone equally worthwhile.

“When they are really doing their job, that’s when I won’t have to do mine anymore. Just like kinda what John Cena, John said the same thing to me in one of his promos. We ain’t seen him in a while, right? We rarely see him, and when he does, it’s just what he does, and he is gone. In order for me to leave, someone has to really come and hold it down.”

As The Inquisitr reported earlier, Reigns doesn’t think there are many superstars who are deserving of the main event spotlight at the moment. He said that most performers can’t handle the demands of being the face of the company.

However, “The Big Dog” stated that there are some performers who have impressed him recently. He said that Drew McIntyre has “stepped up” this year, and he also thinks that Randy Orton has found his spark again. He was also full of praise for Keith Lee, who recently made the jump to the main roster.

Roman Reigns kneels over a fallen Bray Wyatt

Reigns also said that the people who are doing well now were performing at a high caliber before he left. The superstar also revealed that he’d still be sitting at home during the pandemic if the company didn’t need him to return and accept the responsibility of being the top star.

According to Reigns, he helped change the locker room in WWE. When he joined, there were still plenty of old guards around who dictated how things were run. He credited himself as one of the performers to turn things around, and his successors should be held to the same high standards.

While Reigns challenged his fellow roster members to step up their game, he also said that he’ll do everything he can to get deserving talents to the top of the card. Before he does that, however, the wrestlers in question are going to have to earn it in his eyes.

Reigns will defend his Universal Championship against Jey Uso at this Sunday’s Clash of Champions pay-per-view.