Kate Gosselin Accused Of Abusing Son Collin With Bizarre And Humiliating Punishments, Report Claims

Nathan Francis

Kate Gosselin is accused of zip-tying 16-year-old son Collin to a chair and forcing him to sleep in a closet. These actions allegedly led the teen to develop post-traumatic stress disorder, a new report claims.

The reality television star was accused in court documents of physically and emotionally abusing Collin, a story from the Daily Mail claims. The outlet noted that the claims were submitted to a Pennsylvania court amid a bitter custody dispute between Kate and her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin.

Collin reportedly told a court-appointed therapist that his mother treated him differently than his siblings, subjecting him to strange and humiliating punishments, including tying him to a chair and making him sleep in a closet and in the basement. The newspaper noted that the treatment had a significant psychological impact on the teen, leading him to develop a disorder.

"Citing a December, 2018 report submitted to the Court of Common Pleas of Berks County, Pennsylvania the sources claim a certified traumatologist and counselor concluded that Collin was suffering from trauma and chronic PTSD," the British newspaper reported.

"The female expert claimed in the paperwork that after her third session with Collin, as a mandated reporter, she was duty bound to report the alleged abuse to Childline."

As The Inquisitr reported, the famous couple has been locked in an often-acrimonious custody situation in the years since they became reality television stars while raising sextuplets. Kate recently spoke out about allegations that her ex-husband had physically abused Collin, telling People that he can be "violent and abusive" and that he had punched and kicked their son during an argument that month. She has said that the children do not want to be around their father anymore.

However, this led to a backlash against Kate from many fans, who pointed out that she became estranged from her teenager as well after reportedly kicking him out of the house for being too difficult to handle. Some claimed that the former reality television star is going public with the family drama in order to seek attention.

A source told the Daily Mail that Jon has 100 percent legal and physical custody of their son, who does not want to see his mother because of what the insider claimed was "long-term abuse."