Fix the Franchise: Washington Redskins edition

There seems to be a theme developing in these, bad teams with really bad owners. I want to say that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder learned his lesson and went out and got the strong football types that will be able to turn his team into a success. However on the cusp of an uncapped year, I cannot see Snyder controlling himself for very long. This is the only owner out there that will not set a budget and 2010 might just be the one year where he really can go out and buy some success for his team.

Hopefully Mike Shanahan and new General Manager can dissuade him, and teach him that the only way to build a NFL Championship caliber team is through the draft. That means, they need to identify their needs, and then pick a strategy to go out and meet those needs. With the fourth pick in the 2010 NFL draft the Redskins are in a prime situation for doing just that.

If I were running the ‘Skins I would seriously consider drafting Sam Bradford and head into training camp with two young QB’s on my roster. I am not convinced that Jason Campbell cannot be a productive NFL QB, he just needs to put into the right system. He also needs to be surrounded by some big time talent.

Given that fact, and the fact that Mike Shanahan is the coach I would allow the front office team to spend their second round pick on a RB. A young QB’s best friend is a productive running game. In a recent mock draft I had the Redskins taking Jahvid Best out of California. I would then spend later round picks finding some big bruising offensive lineman. That would be the foundation of my Redskins turn around plan.

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