Tom Bergeron Lets Loose In Rage Room, Takes Swipe At Mitch McConnell, & Responds To Fan’s Tyra Banks Diss

Tom Bergeron found a fun way to take out all his feelings of frustration over everything horrible that has happened in 2020. After sharing an Instagram video that showed him letting loose in a rage room, he responded to a comment about what many Dancing with the Stars fans considered one of this year’s negative events: Bergeron being replaced as the show’s host.

Bergeron, 65, was joined by his personal trainer, Jessi Laird, at the Rage Ground in Los Angeles. In the caption of his post, he revealed that he used their visit to the venue as a creative form of exercise. He also took a swipe at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell when listing off something that made him want to smash stuff. He accused the Republican senator of being a hypocrite, which was likely a reference to McConnell’s statement vowing to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. In 2016, the politician said that no hearings should be held to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia due it being an election year when he passed.

Before taking out his anger on a bunch of inanimate objects, Bergeron got suited up in a gray jumpsuit. He also wore thick black gloves, a bright orange hardhat, a clear plastic face shield, and a protective face mask. In the photo that he shared with his video, he held a very battered baseball bat. Laird was clad in a similar ensemble, but she held two metal bars.

The duo got destructive in a room with debris strewn all over the floor. There were bits of wood and metal everywhere. Some of the items that were intact enough to identify included an extremely beat-up metal barrel, an open umbrella, and a large rubber tire.

Bergeron was filmed throwing a glass bottle at a wall. After the glass broke, he raised his arms up in the air triumphantly. Laird could be heard from behind the camera. She encouraged him to “go for it” before he tossed the projectile. She also celebrated when the bottle shattered.

“Yeah!” she growled as loud rock music played in the background.

While interacting with his fans in the comments section of his post, Bergeron described his experience in the rage room as “SO invigorating.” He also had something to say when one of his followers made a negative comment about Tyra Banks. Many Dancing with the Stars fans were extremely unhappy when the supermodel replaced Bergeron as the show’s new host.

“Can you throw some bottles at a Tyra Banks poster?” the commenter asked.

“Nope. Nothing against Tyra,” read Bergeron’s response. “I teased the mirror lip poster, but that was having a laugh at the marketing, not personal.”

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