‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday: Cyrus’ Fascination With Laura Concerns Lulu

General Hospital spoilers for the week of September 21 tease that Cyrus Renault will be back on screen once again, tormenting the people of Port Charles. One of his favorites for a game of cat and mouse is Lulu Falconeri. On Monday, they will once again run into each other and he is expected to bring up her mother, Laura Collins, which will raise some questions for her daughter.

The previews that were shown at the end of Friday’s General Hospital revealed a smug Cyrus trying his best to get under Lulu’s skin. She is not afraid to confront him, but something will have her bristling when Laura’s name comes up. The mayor has been out of town for a few weeks and probably has no idea how much damage Cyrus has done so far at GH.

On Monday, he will chat it up with Lulu and SheKnows Soaps indicated that he will want her to relay some kind of message to someone for him. It looks like he will want to give Laura a message through her daughter, but she likely won’t take too kindly to what he has to say.

The preview clip showed Lulu asking Cyrus why he is so fascinated with her mother. He does seem to love running into Laura and taunting her as much as he can. He has a way of threatening people with his plays on words. Laura has been the recipient many times since he got out of prison. What message does he have for her this time?

Jeff Kober on set

Cyrus has seemingly taken over General Hospital as he has been hiring and firing at will. No one is safe and everyone is unhappy. With Monica and Bobbie being let go, Britt Westbourne taking over as chief of staff, and the devoted nurses being reassigned, everything has been one big mess.

There is no word as to when Laura will be back in town, but that hasn’t stopped Cyrus from threatening her. As The Inquisitr previously detailed, his boldness has left Port Charles scrambling. Everyone is fed up and wondering what will happen next.

His fascination with Laura will likely be explained soon enough. Does he just want to get rid of her since she is the mayor? Or is there some sort of connection that viewers haven’t seen yet?

Sonny and Jason are watching Cyrus closely. General Hospital spoilers for next week indicated that Sonny will be updated on the mobster, but nothing else has been mentioned about what he will do with the info.

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