WWE Rumors: Reported Long-Term Plans For Roman Reigns And Paul Heyman Storyline Revealed, Per Dave Meltzer

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman stand in the ring.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of WrestlingNews.co, the storyline between Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman will play out differently to the latter’s angles with Brock Lesnar in the past.

When Heyman was Lesnar’s advocate, he was portrayed as his business partner and equal. The “Beast Incarnate” was often presented as a mercenary-type figure, but he was never depicted as an authority figure in their partnership.

However, the storyline with Reigns will see the manager serve under “The Big Dog.” The plan is to have Reigns remind Heyman that he saved his career, which will make him indebted to “The Universal Champion.”

This new storyline has been teased on Friday Night SmackDown already. On a recent episode, Heyman stated that Reigns pulled him out of “the ocean of obscurity” and saved his career.

The pair also won’t be portrayed as friends. Their relationship will reportedly be strictly business-oriented, which makes sense, considering they’ve mainly been rivals.

Reigns’ manager will also refer to himself as the “special counsel to the tribal chief.” This also suggests that his role is to serve Reigns’ whenever he’s needed, as opposed to supporting him unconditionally.

Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns make their way to the ring

As The Inquisitr recently noted, Heyman has promised that this angle will be unlike anything else he’s done before during his storied career in the sports entertainment business.

The reported storyline suggests Reigns will use his manager for his own gain, which should help increase his momentum as a heel. The Universal Champion has been presented as a bad guy since returning at SummerSlam, even though the long-term goal is to have him be the company’s top babyface.

As the WrestlingNews.co report highlighted, officials gave Reigns an “edge” in the hope that fans will finally come around to the superstar and start cheering him. The company portrayed him as a babyface for years, only for Reigns to receive a polarizing reaction from the Universe on a weekly basis. The hope is that an acclaimed heel run will result in him being more appreciated by his critics.

Sportskeeda also pointed out the reported plan is to have Reigns feud with Bray Wyatt for the foreseeable future. “The Fiend” has seemingly turned babyface to make him the ideal opponent for the Universal Champion.

The Sportskeeda article also stated the superstar could forge an alliance with Jey Uso. The pair are cousins in real life, which could lead to them becoming permanent allies on television.