WWE Rumors: Real Reason For Bo Dallas' Long-Term Absence Revealed, Per 'Fightful Select'

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, by way of Sportskeeda, Bo Dallas is still with WWE. He also explained why the superstar hasn't appeared on television in almost a year.

"Last November, he decided to take some time off, and he has not been back since. He has not been released. A lot of people don't even realize he just turned 30. He's got a lot of years ahead of him if he still wants to wrestle."
The journalist went on to say that there haven't been any backstage updates noting when fans can expect to see Dallas back in action. The company could be keeping their plans for the superstar close to the vest at the moment, or he could still be enjoying his hiatus.

The pandemic could also have delayed Dallas' return to action. As The Inquisitr previously reported, all in-ring talents were given permission to take time off during the COVID-19 situation.

Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn were among the main superstars who chose to take the company up on this offer, and they only returned to television recently. Carmella is also expected to make her comeback in the near future.

As the Sportskeeda report highlighted, Dallas' former tag team partner Curtis Axel was released earlier this year. When Dallas does return, it's highly likely that he'll be repackaged since he can't return to The B Team.

It's not uncommon for performers to be absent whenever officials are trying to figure out how to use them creatively. Given the length of Dallas' hiatus, officials might want to bring him back with a new gimmick in an effort to rejuvenate the star.

Bo Dallas stares down opponent

Dallas is a former NXT Champion, but he's struggled to find significant success on the main roster. However, the fact he's managed to keep his job during a period that saw many wrestlers released suggests that officials still have plans for the young superstar.

The Sportskeeda article also noted that there have been rumors of Dallas pairing up with Bray Wyatt down the line. The superstars are real-life brothers, and fans have wanted to see them join forces on television for years.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier this week, Mike Rotunda -- formerly known as IRS -- revealed which of his two sons he believes to be the better worker. He stated that Dallas is better than Wyatt, and the latter probably wouldn't disagree with this statement.

Rotunda also stated that Dallas is very creative, even though he hasn't been given a lot of freedom in that regard on Monday Night Raw or Friday Night SmackDown.