Chrissy Teigen Just Seemingly Blurted Out Her Baby’s Gender By Accident On Instagram

Chrissy Teigen is expecting her third child with husband John Legend. Up until now, the gender of the new little one had not yet been revealed. However, it seems that the model just let her tongue slip while she was giving an update on her difficult pregnancy on Instagram.

On Thursday, Teigen shared a little bit on what she was going through and why she was on bed rest. She originally posted the clips on her Instagram stories, but then she shared the news that she seemingly didn’t mean to reveal.

The expectant mom was in the middle of telling her 31.2 million followers that the baby is currently healthy. She then went on to say how big it was getting. However, she slipped and said “he” was getting big. Once she realized what she said, she put her hand to her mouth after saying, “oops.”

It appears that Teigen is having another boy this time around. This seemed to be an unexpected reveal that she seemingly had no idea would happen.

Her followers caught on quickly as the comments started piling in on the accidental announcement.

“Yayyyy a boy!” one of her followers said excitedly.

“Gender revealed!!!!” replied a second fan.

“Awww did you say ‘he’s’??? Congrats mama,” a third admirer replied.

In her stories, she explained that she is resting because she has been bleeding quite a bit. Her previous two pregnancies were high risk as well. Both kids, Luna, 4, and Miles, 2, came early. She said that her placenta becomes weak and the baby does not get the nutrients it needs. However, Teigen did say that he was growing. She is on a two week bed rest for now.

Teigen was lying in her massive bed with just a blanket over her in the clips. She was showing off her bare shoulders and her fresh face. She apologized for all of the commitments that she had to miss due to her pregnancy complications and thanked everyone for their well-wishes and love as well.

Earlier this month, Teigen revealed that she was cutting back on her social media time, as her therapist recommended to ease some of her anxieties. With a third child on the way, it seemed important for her to stay away from all the negativity that sometimes surrounds her social media accounts. However, she did take the time to give her fans an update today and to accidentally reveal the baby’s gender in the process.

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