Donny Osmond Fans Flip Out Over His Comment About Flashback Family Performance

The clan sang their hit song 'Yo-Yo' in a 1971 television clip.

Donny Osmond attends the National Television Awards at 02 Arena on January 23, 2013 in London, England.
Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

The clan sang their hit song 'Yo-Yo' in a 1971 television clip.

Donny Osmond fans flipped out over his comment about a flashback family video performance alongside his siblings, circa 1971, when they appeared on The Flip Wilson Show and performed their smash tune “Yo-Yo.”

The entertainer said that he loved performing this particular song for a variety of reasons. He also joked that the costumes worn by the group, in tune with the era, would work for Halloween as well.

The musical group consisted of Donny and his brothers Alan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay.

In the clip, the family band danced and sang their No. 3 Billboard chart tune on the television set of the comedy and variety series, hosted by comedian Flip Wilson. The Flip Wilson Show during that year was the No. 2 series on network television. Through their appearance on the show, The Osmonds reached an even wider audience.

The lead vocals in the clip were performed by Merrill and Donny, who sang the bridge. The remainder of the clan performed backup vocals and harmonies. The brothers smiled throughout the lip-sync, as they danced in sync to a choreographed number on a very small stage. Each movement was perfectly in time with one another. This precision dancing required many hours of rehearsal time for the family, and the group earned the nickname “one-take Osmonds” as early as the 1960s, reported the Osmonds official website.

The Osmonds sported a version of their iconic white, fringed jumpsuits for the performance.

They cut a subdued look in all-black, a striking difference from their tour outfits which featured the siblings’ favorite colors as accents.

Added to the one-piece garments were rhinestones, studs, and colorful belts. Each of the brothers wore a choker on their neck, which appeared to be crafted of wooden beads. Fans noted that Donny did not wear the color purple, instead sporting a yellow belt, as Merrill wore the teenage heartthrob’s favorite color instead.

Each of the Osmonds wore their hair shoulder-length and blown out straight with heavy bangs.

Fans of the clan adored the throwback video clip.

“Great memory from way back when….you killed those dance movements,” posted one fan.

“LOVE it! There’s so much to watch!! The hair, the outfits, the dancing! lol,” quipped a second viewer.

“I think there should be a broadway musical written solely using Osmond songs. Can I get an Amen?” remarked a third Instagram user.

“This made me smile so much! Great music, moves, and almost acrobatic!” wrote a fourth follower about the intricate choreography.