Kanye West Declares Music Industry ‘Modern Day Slavery’ & Tweets His Contracts In Apparent Renegotiation

Kanye West took to Twitter in what appears to be an attempt to renegotiate his music contract with Universal. Over several hours, he tweeted a long series of messages that included what he said were ten contracts with the label. His goal was to procure his masters for his four children, whom he shares with his wife, Kim Kardashian West.

The rapper asked people around the world to cover him with prayer as he began the process of buying back his masters from Universal, and he also noted that Sony wasn’t off the hook either but that he chose to fight one battle at a time. The “No Church In The Wild” rapper explained that label representatives would not tell him what it would cost to buy back his work because they knew he had enough money to do it.

“I forgive everyone from the music industry that is involved with modern-day slavery. Vengeance is only the lords,” tweeted Kanye.

The rapper wants his songs back because he does not want to see his children grow up to work for somebody else. He proceeded to upload all ten contracts, essentially page by page, and he asked every lawyer in the world to examine them for him. He hoped that his agreements with the label looked different tomorrow then they do today, and he claimed that his renegotiation would likely change the enterprise for good.

One of the artist’s tweets featured a black hoodie with a yellow script.

“Kim is my lawyer,” read the garment, and Kanye added, “Uh oooooh,” with an eye emoji.

He also appealed to other musicians to support him in his fight.

“Bono, can I get a retweet? Love you, Paul, can I get a retweet? Love you, Drake, Kendrick, even Taylor,” he wrote.

Kanye also claimed he wouldn’t stop his fight, and to prove the point, he posted a video of what appeared to be himself urinating on a Grammy, which was placed in the toilet.

While several people replied in support of the musician, others asked him not to pee all over other people’s dreams.

“My dude, you’re peeing on it and want an applause? Some artists worked their whole lives to achieve receiving such an award; you’re also peeing on everyone else’s achievements. Have some decency and respect. And maybe log off for a while you’ve tweeted 100 times in the last hour,” wrote one Twitter user.

Other comments noted the symbolism of Kanye urinating on the music industry that made him a star and helped break him, too. Many fans worried about the musician’s mental health.

Kanye explained that standard record deals are traps that had hidden fees and were based on royalties, and it looks like hopes to change the way things work in the industry.

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