Whoopi Goldberg Calls Out Meghan McCain On 'The View' Over Her Climate Change Dismissal

Things got a little heated on The View Tuesday morning when moderator Whoopi Goldberg called out co-host Meghan McCain over her dismissal of climate change. The segment caused some chatter on Twitter as users expressed their surprise at the conservative co-host's views.

You can see the tweet here.

Goldberg introduced the segment by explaining that scientists and California Gov. Gavin Newsom met with Donald Trump yesterday about the wildfires that are burning along the west coast of the United States. Clips of the president played, and then the women discussed the situation. In one, Trump claimed that the Earth would eventually start cooling after a scientist pointed out that the problem cannot be solved entirely through vegetation management.

Joy Behar spoke, and she claimed that Trump's actions are killing Americans. Sunny Hostin said that Trump is politicizing science. Sara Haines listed several unusual natural disasters that occurred throughout the country over the past several weeks, and she called the rate unnatural, declaring that there's no question the planet is warming.


When it was her turn, McCain claimed that climate change had been politicized, and because of that, she seemed to dismiss it. She also pointed out that at least 60 percent of Republicans said the issue does not affect them, which means they will not vote based on it. For her and others like her, COVID-19, the economy, and social unrest are the most critical issues when voting.

Ultimately, McCain said that she wouldn't cast her vote based on the climate. After that, Goldberg pointed out that it could very well end up affecting the pregnant co-host or others because the cloud of smoke is traveling across the country and affecting air quality. She also called out McCain over the fact that the fires and other natural disasters end up having economic implications, especially when it costs so much for regions to recover and rebuild after the devastation. Those costs are passed along to taxpayers.

"I live almost 3,000 miles northeast of California. Here is the effect outside my window from the #CaliforniaFires #TheView @MeghanMcCain disappointments," tweeted a viewer who shared a hazy picture of the smoke partially obscuring the sun.

"Meghan McCain, If you pay taxes in America, you are impacted by climate change. Every FEMA dollar that goes to rebuild communities destroyed by fire, flood, or hurricanes is someone's tax dollars. The fiscally responsible solution is to work to prevent the disaster," a second Twitter user wrote, agreeing with Goldberg's assessment.