Denise Richards Reportedly Booted From ‘RHOBH’ For Demanding ‘Excessive’ Amount Of Money

Rumors are swirling about why actress and former star of the Real Housewives of Beverly HillsDenise Richards is no longer a part of the show. While some sources claimed Denise was simply done filming the show and left before contract negotiations for the next season could even begin, other sources said she was booted because she wanted too much money to return.

As Page Six reported, there is some speculation Denise didn’t want to return because she was unhappy with how she was treated by the other housewives on the show.

“People think that she didn’t want to come back and that it’s because she got ‘mean-girled’ [by other cast members],” a source said.

The truth, they claimed, is she did want to come back, but she and the network didn’t see eye to eye when it came to money.

“[Bravo] didn’t want to pay her what she asked for. It was way out of her pay grade,” revealed the insider, adding she was asking for an “excessive” amount of money and the network simply didn’t want to pony up.

But a source close to Denise pushed back against the claim. They said Denise enjoyed the first season of filming but found the second time around to be more than she wanted to handle. So when it came to negotiation time, she made the decision to leave.

“Bravo called her last week to ask her if she wanted to return, and she took a couple of days to think about it,” the insider said.

After a few days, she made her decision and let Bravo know she wouldn’t be returning for a third season of the franchise.

The original source said the account wasn’t true and Denise “would happily have come back, but for a huge price.”

Denise faced a tumultuous run on TheReal Housewives of Beverly Hills, with accusations of lying and having an affair, along with battles between herself and her fellow castmates. It appears at least some of them weren’t sad to see her go.

After she announced she was leaving, Erika Jayne posted a GIF showing a boy slamming a door on a girl’s face with the caption “bye,” as The Inquisitr previously reported.

Brandi Glanville, who was the focus of much of the drama with the Bold and the Beautiful star, called Denise’s exit calculated.

Camille Grammer Meyer, however, expressed support for her friend.

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