Lindsey Vonn Almost Takes A Spill While Fiance Praises Her ‘Nice’ Performance During Intense Sweat Session

Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn had a tough time staying on her feet during her latest workout with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson and her fiance, NHL player P.K. Subban. While she performed a difficult exercise, her significant other provided some words of encouragement.

In a video that Lindsey shared with her 2 million Instagram followers on Sunday, she demonstrated one of the creative ways that her famous trainer upped the intensity level of a basic move. The video was filmed inside a gym, where she worked out on a narrow track between some of the equipment.

She wore a wide belt around her waist. Two long resistance bands were attached to the back of the belt. The opposite ends of the bands had handles, and Gunnar held them down low in front of his thighs. As Lindsey pulled against him, he braced his body by slightly bending his knees and firmly planting his feet on the floor.

Lindsey worked her lower body by doing a set of reverse lunges with knee lifts. To make the exercise even more challenging, she held a cylindrical sandbag over her head. She gripped two handles on the bag, which was clearly heavy. The shifting sand inside also made it more difficult to maneuver. The addition of the weight made the athlete engage her core and use her upper body strength, so she was getting a full-body workout.

Lindsey breathed hard as P.K. filmed her. Her shirtless husband-to-be also made a brief appearance in a nearby mirror.

“Little dirt on those boots, Linds. Let’s go,” he said. “Nice.”

P.K. filmed his fiancee from a few different angles, including the back. He repeatedly said “Nice” until she lost her balance and stumbled sideways. Lindsey briefly stood with one leg raised up in the air as she struggled to stay upright. She quickly recovered and resumed her workout.

As usual, Lindsey rocked an ensemble from actor Dwayne Johnson’s line of fitness apparel, Project Rock. Her matching set included a pair of light blue leggings with white stripes down the sides and a sports bra with shoulder straps that formed a V in the back.

In the caption of her post, the former alpine skier offered some fitness advice for her fans. A number of her followers responded to her video and her words by letting her know that they consider her an inspiration.

“Thanks for continuing to inspire us. Retirement doesn’t mean done, it means onward,” wrote one admirer.

“When I am too tired to train, I always think of you,” another remarked.

“How do you stay so motivated?? Amazing,” a third comment read.

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