Monday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nina Opens Up To Jax About Her Mother

During the episode of General Hospital airing on Monday, September 14, spoilers indicate that Nina Reeves will open up about her past to her beau, Jasper "Jax" Jacks.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Nina will share some insight about her complicated past with Jax. While he certainly knows some tidbits about Madeline Reeves, General Hospital teasers suggest that Nina might fill him in on some of the more private, difficult experiences she had with her mother.

This past week, General Hospital viewers watched as Jax and Nina traveled to meet the jeweler who had worked on her necklace years ago. They were hoping he could provide some information on who might have ended up with the other half of the necklace, in hopes it could lead her to her biological child.

The jeweler was able to provide some information, although fans don't yet know what it means. Unfortunately, he did not recognize Madeline's photo or name. However, he was able to note that a woman named Phyllis Caulfield had been involved in this project.

Fans don't know who Phyllis is yet, but Nina acknowledged that she was familiar with the name. Could this be the key to uncovering who her real daughter is? Could she have been an associate of Madeline's, who perhaps also was involved in taking away Nina's child?

Cynthia Watros plays Nina on 'General Hospital'
Walt Disney Television | Todd Wawrychuk

The sneak peek for Monday revealed a glimpse of this upcoming conversation about Madeline. Whatever it is that Nina shares with her beau, she will also apparently do her best to put a positive spin on these challenges. She will mention that something good came out of all of this, and the context for this comment should be made clear on Monday.

For months now, General Hospital teasers have been leading everybody to believe that Nelle is Nina's biological daughter. That still seems to be where this is headed, but Nelle is missing and presumed dead after recently falling off a cliff.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nelle is out of the picture for now. However, viewers can almost certainly expect that there's another twist of some sort coming as this necklace investigation continues.

Late next week, something will have Nina feeling hopeful. General Hospital teasers haven't revealed much more about where this is headed, but it seems that this is moving toward a climax of some sort relatively soon.

Will the writers throw in a twist that makes this situation more complicated than a now-deceased Nelle being Nina's long-lost daughter? Is this Phyllis person key to this mystery? General Hospital fans have plenty of theories, and it seems that some answers will be provided fairly soon.