Bayleigh Dayton Calls Christmas Abbott A ‘Fa-La-La Lunatic’ And Addresses Her Derogatory Comment

Bayleigh Dayton appears on Big Brother 22

Bayleigh Dayton was evicted from the Big Brother All-Stars house last night by a unanimous vote. The reality star said goodbye to new best friend Da’Vonne Rogers, who sat next to her on the block. Now that she’s out of the house, Bayleigh is catching up with Parade, and she has commented on all of the remaining players in the game. It seems to be a 50/50 deal when it comes to who she likes and who she doesn’t necessarily favor, and there is definitely no love lost between herself and Christmas Abbott.

The two women went head-to-head in a verbal argument this week after Christmas wouldn’t leave Da’Vonne alone. The personal trainer yelled and clapped in Bayleigh’s face as the latter stayed composed and talked back respectfully. When Parade asked Bayleigh to describe Christmas in one word, she took a major jab.

“Fa-La-La Lunatic,” she said playing off her name.

Fans were cracking up at Bayleigh’s jab on Twitter, the platform where Big Brother viewers call Christmas by every other holiday in the book. Nicknames for her include Halloween, Happy Honda Days, and Cyber Monday.

Bayleigh also put Christmas in her place during an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada. Husband Chris “Swaggy C” Williams retweeted the interview to his Twitter timeline today. The interviewer brought up a derogatory comment Christmas made regarding Bayleigh and Da’Vonne when their argument went down. “I’m gonna get shot,” Christmas said, and her statement was caught on the live feeds.

Christmas Abbot appears on Big Brother 22

“I have grown up in an amazing home, two-parent household, in the best neighborhoods, private schools… private school education… and those negative connotations that she tries to project on all Black people do not apply to me, my life, Da’Vonne, or her life and that she’s absolutely wrong.”

Swaggy showed he was proud of his wife by sharing the clip where one user said she ended Christmas, “the felon Jail bird.” Many have pointed out the veteran’s aggressive nature in the argument with the two women this week, as she tried to provoke both of them to the point of explosion. The “jail bird” comment references Christmas’ felony arrest for ramming her car into the car of her child’s father’s alleged mistress.

Many fans of the show felt Christmas should not have been invited back after her arrest as it proves she has a violent temper, something not suitable for the Big Brother house.

Whether Bayleigh and Christmas can move forward after the show has ended remains to be seen.