'General Hospital' Fans React To Britt's Return And Chief Of Staff Bombshell

Britt is back in Port Charles, and General Hospital viewers had a lot to say about this intriguing return. People had been quite disappointed when actress Kelly Thiebaud departed so quickly a few months ago, and now she's back and is clearly going to be around for a while.

Spoilers had teased that Britt would be back beginning with Friday's show. In addition, previews had suggested that the new General Hospital chief of staff would be revealed during this episode. As some people speculated, it turned out that Britt landed that gig.

Everybody working at GH was already reeling after Cyrus Renault fired Monica Quartermaine as chief of staff, and he added insult to injury by letting Bobbie Spencer go, too. Now, Britt is back after suddenly bailing on the facility last spring, and she's in a position to shake things up.

She wasted no time in doing just that, using her power to immediately change things up in upsetting ways for both Epiphany Johnson and Elizabeth Webber Baldwin.

As this drama began to unfold with the return of "The Britch," the show teased the bombshell via its Twitter page. General Hospital fans didn't hold back on sharing their feelings on this wild development.

"The Britch is back! Why is she smiling so much? She is going to need a friend while Brad is in the clink. Maybe she and Ava will team up. She has a history with Nic, could make a play for him," one person wrote, via Twitter.

"I mean, of course Britt will probably wreak total havoc and screw things up royally, but I'll love every minute if it gets the hospital staff involved in a major story," another fan declared.

"And just like that, Britt is bringing some entertainment this show has needed for YEARS now," commented someone else.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps hint that Britt's going to be causing quite a bit of drama throughout Port Charles in the coming week. She'll confront Julian Jerome, and the buzz is that everybody at GH will be feeling even more anxious now that they have both Cyrus and Britt making changes.

"It will be fun to watch Britt as COS! I hope Dr. O gets exonerated and is brought back to #GH," another person noted.

Will the writers find a way to bring both Brad Cooper and Dr. Obrecht back now that Britt is back for the long term? People rallied to have Kelly back again, and it looks like the General Hospital writers have big things planned for her.