The Kardashians Are Reportedly Considering Launching Their Own Media Company

Now that Keeping Up with the Kardashians has come to an end, the multimillion dollar family is reportedly discussing launching their own media company. On Thursday, a source told Page Six that the Kardashians are heavily considering “their own media company.” The individual who spoke with the outlet did not divulge specific details about the potential company. However, they did say that it would not be competing with titans like Netflix or Apple TV Plus. It is likely that their endeavor will find a way to work alongside these platforms.

While their media business is merely a concept, the source revealed that the Kardashians have their next moves in the TV industry mapped out. They are determined to sign a massive deal with Netflix, Apple or Amazon. Upon deciding to end KUWTK, they revealed that the show wasn’t making them nearly as much money as they had hoped. They are reportedly done with network television and are ready to jump into the streaming industry.

“There’s more money in streaming. And it’s global,” the source said, explaining the Kardashians’ motive.

The insider predicts that the Kardashians will inevitably land a deal with one of these platforms within a year.

Another insider disclosed which type of series the Kardashians would be interested in producing. They are supposedly done with their reality TV days. They are currently looking to produce shows like Shark Tank in lieu of scripted series. This means it’s very unlikely that Kris Jenner will be appearing on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It would serve as an opportunity to promote some of the family’s infinite businesses like Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line Skims, Kylie Jenner’s makeup collection Kylie Cosmetics and Kourtney Kardashian’s lifestyle brand Poosh. It is highly probable that they would want to appear on screen as they have during their KUWTK days.

While the Kardashians are mapping out their next move, they purportedly want to take some time for themselves off-screen.

“They’re open to all opportunities. But they are taking some time off,” an insider explained.

Regardless of whether they secure a deal with a major platform, it is clear that they are done with network television even after being such a huge part of it for 14 years. They were making $150 million with E! network as per their 2017 contract, but compared to the streaming industry, it is a surprisingly low salary. Per Page Six, other television titans earned closer to $300 million with the streaming giants.

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