Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital: Cameron’s Feeling Torn

William Lipton plays Cameron on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

During Friday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers tease Cameron will be facing a tough decision regarding his love life. By the looks of the sneak peek shared via Twitter, he might get some rather bad advice as he sorts through it all.

Cameron has had a crush on Josslyn for a long time now, but she never realized it. She was involved with Oscar in the early days of Cam’s crush, and then she was mourning her beau’s death.

This week, she finally picked up on the fact Cam’s had a crush on her, and she’s suddenly decided she might be interested in him too. However, she now knows he and Trina shared a kiss, and she rattled him by letting him know she knew about it.

The sneak peek for Friday’s episode reveals Cameron will hang out with Dev as he tries to figure out what to do. Spoilers suggest Dev will toss out some advice, telling his pal to just pick one of the two ladies and go for it.

That’s easy for Dev to say, but teasers suggest Cameron might not see this suggestion as all that helpful.

Cameron is clearly quite tickled by the idea that Josslyn finally likes him back. He’s wanted this for more than two years, and a romance with her is finally a possibility.

However, since the kidnapping incident with Trina and the kiss they shared after it, something’s been brewing there. Neither of them has quite had the bravery to go for it on this front, as they both are a bit timid about admitting their feelings. There’s definitely a spark there though and neither teen is ready to entirely deny it.

So, which way will he go on this? General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps hint this may push Cameron and Trina to acknowledge what’s been simmering between them for a while.

Joss threw out the idea the teens all go to homecoming as a group, rather than worry about having dates. Trina and Cameron didn’t seemingly love the idea, but they didn’t push back against it either.

Will that dance set the stage for a decision on Cam’s part and some hurt feelings for one of the ladies? General Hospital writers have been building up the possibility of a Cameron and Josslyn romance for a long time now. However, there’s a large coalition of fans who are rooting for him to pick Trina and everybody will be curious to see how this all progresses.