Joy-Anna Duggar Illustrates Life With 2 Kids In Instagram Share Of Son Gideon Wearing Eye Makeup

Joy-Anna Duggar is getting used to life with two kids. Her second child, Evelyn Mae, was born almost three weeks ago on Friday, August 21. She appears to be quite busy with both a newborn and a toddler — Gideon, 2 — running around while husband Austin Forsyth is most likely out working. The Counting On star took to her Instagram on Thursday to tell her 1 million followers how life is going with two little ones. No explanation was needed after she posted a cute photo of Gideon getting into a little bit of trouble.

The Duggar grandson stood with his back to the wall as Joy-Anna snapped the picture. He wore a huge smile as usual. However, there may have been a hint of mischievousness on his face as well. In his hand was proof that he got into something that he wasn’t supposed to. Gideon was holding a palette of makeup in his little hands that seemingly belonged to his mother. He also left some incriminating evidence on his face.

At first glance, it almost looked like he had a huge bruise on his eye. However, fans quickly realized that Gideon used the makeup to give himself a makeover. He only used it on one of his eyes, and the smoky color ran down onto his cheek. There was also some on his hands and on the front of his orange and white striped shirt that was paired with camouflage shorts.

Joy-Anna’s followers laughed over this mishap and joked about his new look. A few others told her how relatable that was.

“Haha! My babies get into my make up all the time. I hide it but they always find it. LOL,” one mom told her.

“A pretty dramatic smokey eye, but efficiently done,” chimed in another fan.

“Love his fall color choices,” joked a third follower.

“I mean he did pretty good on lining the lower eye lid,” a fourth person observed.

In the second Instagram snap, Gideon had his head down, staring at the dark and light colors that he seemed to have blended together. This wasn’t the only offense that had gotten the little guy in trouble. Back in May, Joy-Anna posted a pic of her son pouring a gallon of milk all over the kitchen counter.

The reality star has been uploading a handful of photos on Instagram showing Gideon with his baby sister. Everyone seems to be enjoying those special moments that she shares on social media.

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