Jill Duggar Pokes Fun About Her ‘Choice Of Drinks’ In New Instagram Share

Jill Duggar may be taking after her sister, Jessa Seewald, in being a bit snarky on social media when appropriate. The former Counting On star decided to have a little fun in her latest Instagram share in referring to the beverages she enjoys drinking.

The Duggar family are known for not indulging in any kind of alcoholic drinks, but a few of the older married kids are now on their own and making different choices than their parents. That seems to be the case with Jill as she just recently admitted that she had a pina colada while on a dinner date with husband Derick Dillard a few days ago.

Some eagle-eyed Instagram followers noticed an interesting drink in front of her and asked her about it. She revealed that it was indeed a “regular” pina colada.

That admission made her fans happy that she is living life her way, but it also brought on plenty of headlines as well. It seems that all the hubbub is why Jill had a little fun in her recent post. On Thursday, the mom-of-two shared a photo of her and Derick enjoying a coffee date. Their son, Sam, 3, was also in the back seat of the car. Jill held up a large coffee cup for all to see, while Derick had an iced drink in his hand.

After saying that she used coupons to get the items for free, Jill then went on to reveal that she is well aware of all the interest in her “choice of drinks.” She made it a point to describe that her recent beverage was a “regular” one in which she fully described in her post below.

Jill’s followers were quick to pick up on the meaning behind her comment. They absolutely loved that she added a little sass to her post.

“Please share all of your drinks with this beautiful snark alongside it,” said one of her fans.

“The level of sarcasm is about as hot of the coffee today,” another fan replied.

“I’m dying laughing! Love you guys!” a third follower chimed in.

“Are you pro or anti pumpkin spice latte is the REAL question!” joked a fourth person.

A Labor Day photo that also may have led to Jill’s recent remark had fans questioning whether she and Derick were drinking alcoholic seltzers while at the lake with their boys. However, some suggested that it looked more like a non-alcoholic drink.

Whatever the case may be, it looks like plenty of people are very intrigued by what Jill is drinking these days, as seen in the social media comments.

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