Caitlyn Jenner Was Blindsided By ‘KUWTK’ Cancellation

Caitlyn Jenner revealed that Keeping Up with the Kardashians had been canceled at the same time fans did on The Morning Show (via the BANG Showbiz Twitter account) in Australia on Thursday. Caitlyn explained that if there was any family discussion in regard to the show’s status, she wasn’t involved with it.

“I heard it on the news! Nobody called me, I heard it through the media,” she said on air.

Her stepdaughter Kim Kardashian announced the news on her Instagram Tuesday. While she was kept in the dark about the show ending, she said that the news wasn’t shocking. She reportedly believes that KUWTK has served its purpose and is ending at the exact right time. She also commended her ex-wife Kris Jenner and their children for keeping the legacy going for as long as it did.

“Was I surprised? No. But that show, it’s probably the greatest reality show in history. There are over 500 episodes over 14 years. The girls and Kris have have done just an amazing job with the show and keeping it going for this long. But everybody is in a different place now and I think it’s time to move on. But what a run.”

There appears to be no bad blood between Caitlyn and the rest of the family after being left out. However, she is seemingly still emotional about KUWTKs cancellation. She watched her children grow up on the show. Her eldest, Kendall Jenner, was only 12 years old when they started filming, and her youngest, Kylie Jenner, was only 10. She is reportedly appreciative that she was able to document her kids growing up and watch how successful they’ve become throughout the course of the series.

She is proud of her children but also grew nostalgic about her parenting days. She told The Morning Show that she misses the little things like driving her kids around and that she doesn’t get to see them as much now as she did when they were younger. However, sometimes she welcomes the peace and quiet of an empty house.

She said that she’s been quenching her nostalgia by rewatching KUWTK episodes. She even posted a video of herself reliving these moments and reflecting on those times on her YouTube channel.

She also told The Morning Show that she appeared on a whopping 420 episodes. While she started appearing on the series less after her split with Kris, the show was still a big component of her and her family’s lives.

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