WWE News: Superstar Who Had Heat With Randy Orton Details Recent Backstage Meeting With ‘The Viper’

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Ken Anderson — formerly known as Mr. Kennedy in WWE — revealed that he no longer has heat with Randy Orton.

Anderson was released from his WWE contract in 2009 after Orton allegedly told officials that he botched a move in a 10-man tag team match featuring the pair. As the report highlighted, Orton’s backstage influence was seemingly enough to cost the former United States Champion his job.

Years have passed since the incident occurred, however, and the wrestlers have buried the hatchet. During the conversation, Anderson said that he attended an episode of Monday Night Raw last year and he bumped into Orton during his visit.

According to Anderson, the pair had a 30-minute conversation, and “everything is good” between them now.

The former superstar also revealed that performers and officials welcomed his visit to the red brand’s weekly show. His words suggested that any drama between him and WWE itself is water under the bridge these days.

“I went down there and said hi to everybody, and that was the first time that I had talked to anybody within the company, in the office at least, since I left.”

As documented by WrestleZone, the 44-year-old previously stated that both Orton and John Cena complained about him being a “dangerous” worker during his stint in the company. At the time, Anderson claimed that Orton didn’t really get hurt during their match.

The former superstar went on to say that the promotion was “looking for a reason to get rid of me” following a series of incidents. The head with Orton gave them an excuse in the end.

Orton was vocal about his negative opinion of Anderson after he got fired, maintaining that he was an unsafe worker and criticizing his work in Impact Wrestling.

Anderson has also been open about his beef with the 14-time World Champion in shoot interviews throughout the years. The bad blood between both parties didn’t settle overnight, but it may have been fixed long before last year if they crossed paths beforehand.

Anderson has been vocal about some of his other experiences in the promotion this week. As The Inquisitr previously reported, he recalled how chairman Vince McMahon told him to stop being entertaining and comedic with his promos. McMahon claimed that funny superstars never drew money, which led to the pair having a mild disagreement with each other.

Anderson currently competes on the independent circuit, most notably for the National Wrestling Alliance.

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