Big Ten Conference Will Hold Votes On A Return To Play 'Very Soon,' University Of Nebraska President Says

Oliver VanDervoort

The Big Ten conference's "return to play committee" is putting together some plans that school presidents and chancellors should vote on "very soon," University of Nebraska president Ted Carter told KLIN radio Wednesday. A portion of the interview was posted on Twitter by the station's sports director, Kaleb Henry.

The full conversation covered a wide variety of topics but did at one point get steered in the direction of football. Since the Big Ten announced it was postponing fall sports back in August, there has been a concerted effort to get the organization to reverse course. As The Inquisitr previously reported, even President Donald Trump has joined the fray, having a phone call with Commissioner Kevin Warren trying to reach an agreement that would bring the sport back before 2021.

Carter said the "return to play committee," which Nebraska head coach Scott Frost and Athletic Director Bill Moos serve on, has put several plans together that would bring football back. He said the larger group of the Big Ten will eventually vote on that.

He added that the Huskers are leading the fight to bring fall athletics back as quickly as possible — as opposed to the winter or spring of next year.

There have been rumors before that the Big Ten would relent and play again in October. Then other rumblings said it might be November.

The people who have claimed they have inside knowledge as to what's going on have largely all been proven to be spreading what the NU executive called "disinformation."

He added that having to battle several disinformation campaigns has been especially trying during this period of time. At one point, he said there were people who thought Carter was the one who spurred Trump to make the call to Warren. In an attempt to dispel that notion, he released all of his emails that would have covered the period of time when talks about that might have been going on in order to demonstrate he wasn't involved.

While Nebraska fans began to get excited about the season starting in the near future not long after the interview made the rounds on social media, there were several details specifically left out of the conversation.

It's not yet known when the Big Ten will take up the plans. It isn't entirely clear if Moos and Frost have helped create a roadmap that would see sports come back in October or November, or in January. The Huskers AD previously said he believed January would be an acceptable start time.