September 8, 2020
Andy Reid Cites The Coronavirus As Reason Why The Chiefs Don't Look Complacent

Andy Reid knows that getting his Kansas City Chiefs fired up and ready to play for the 2020 season is going to be just a bit harder considering they won it all last season. On the other hand, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported on Monday that Reid also thinks it might be a bit easier than normal to get his team motivated and believes the coronavirus pandemic is playing a part.

During a post-practice press conference, Reid talked about the challenges of coming back after winning the Super Bowl and trying to do it again. He also pointed out the differences between 2020 and any other year. He said the pandemic limited how the Chiefs could go out and celebrate. He added that might make a difference this fall.

Reid said he thought his guys were working their "tail[s] off" while they were confined to their homes. He made sure to mention it wasn't just the players who couldn't celebrate like they might otherwise. The other coaches weren't able to really go out and enjoy the fruits of their labor this offseason either, and so couldn't really get complacent.

He also said there was real doubt as to whether or not a 2020 season would happen. There were plenty of conversations about canceling the whole thing in the wake of COVID-19 sweeping across the country.

Andy Reid, head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, and his wife, Tammy, wave to fans
Getty Images | David Eulitt

Reid thinks everyone is so happy to get back to football that there's an extra level of determination.

"The thing I can go off of now is just the way the guys have worked and they've worked their tail off. I'm proud of them for that. They came back with a great attitude. I think everybody — probably around the league this is true, but everybody is just so glad to get back playing. There's a great energy."
Florio added there's another reason Kansas City might be able to shrug off complacency. The won it all the hard way in 2019.

Reid's squad had to stage a comeback from being down at least 10 points in every playoff game and the Super Bowl. They weren't able to cruise to victory in any of their contests.

The analyst said the confidence that comes from overcoming so much adversity can fuel a run. He added another reason that Reid's club can build on. They went out of their way to keep the roster as intact as possible. That included signing the head coach and general manager to long extensions last week.

Florio also said having the best player in the NFL in Patrick Mahomes should give the Chiefs a boost as well.