Kim Kardashian Poses With Pomegranate Tree In Juicy Instagram Post

Kim Kardashian stunned her 187 million followers on Saturday with a sensual, unique photoshoot.

In the post, which featured three photos, Kim centered the aesthetic around red, juicy pomegranates and a rustic pomegranate tree, completing the series with a seated shot of her in a tightfitting dress.

The first image displayed a red-and-white pomegranate laying on what appeared to be a white marble countertop. The fruit’s juice spilled out onto the counter, giving a luscious, sultry vibe that seemed to aptly complement Kim’s vibes in the following snaps.

In the second photo, Kim stood next to the pomegranate tree in a tight mini dress, creating an ethereal visual. She held on to a piece of fruit that hung from a branch. The background was pleasant and idyllic, with rustic foliage all around and a gorgeous, peaceful view of the ocean, making the shot look more like a Renaissance painting than a photograph.

In the final shot, Kim sat on what appeared to be a piece of wood that was situated on a rock landing. She sported the same mini dress, made peace signs with both hands, and made a kissing face at the camera. The dress had medium-thick straps over her shoulders and featured a red-and-green floral pattern against a black backdrop. Kim’s long, black locks were tousled ever-so-slightly and draped beautifully over her shoulders. A yellow-green tree provided a lush background.

Within just one hour, Kim’s post garnered over 400,000 likes and 2,700 comments. Users flooded the comments section with heart-eye, fire, and red heart emoji, signaling their love and admiration. Followers loved not only Kim’s style and poses, but the picturesque backdrop as well.

“[S]itting pretty,” one fan commented, adding heart emoji to their post to show how much they loved Kim’s look.

“It looks so yummy,” a follower wrote, showing their appreciation for the scrumptious fruit on display.

“Symbol of Armenia,” a user commented, referencing Kim’s ethnic background.

“This is SO libra/Venusian of you!!!!” one admirer stated, referencing the characteristics of Kim’s astrological sign and the mythological vibe of the shots.

This isn’t the first time Kim has shared an artistic, editorial photo series. The 39-year-old recently paid tribute to French designer Thierry Mugler, showing off a slew of looks from his past collections, as The Inquisitr previously reported. In the series of eight photos, Kim included photos of herself modeling some of the looks, along with photos of the designer’s styles on the runway.

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