‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Mike’s Life Nears The End As The Corinthos Family Gathers To Say Goodbye

Maurice Benard and Max Gail
Craig Sjodin / ABC

The week of September 7 is expected to be quite emotional on General Hospital as Mike gets worse. The end is near, and that means the Corinthos family will gather around to spend their last moments with him.

General Hospital fans have been bracing themselves for the inevitable moment when the patriarch succumbs to Alzheimer’s. TV Insider provided a sneak peek into the tearful moments to come as Mike gets close to passing on.

Sonny has been by his dad’s side for weeks now, with his illness taking precedence over everything. Additionally, Carly, Michael, and Joss will all be standing by his side to say their goodbyes. Aunt Stella, played by actress Vernee Watson, will return to the screen to be with him as well. She befriended the Corinthos family as she was the social worker that helped them come to terms with his disease. Once his condition worsens, the family will be informed that it’s almost time.

General Hospital’s executive producer Frank Valentini talked to TV Insider about the storyline, which has captivated fans of the ABC soap for the past two years. He gave big kudos to actor Max Gail for his portrayal of Mike.

“It’s been a really terrific story for us that just continues to ‘three-dimensionalize’ in ways because of the actors’ performances. Principally because of Max — he’s such an extraordinary performer,” he said.

Valentini revealed that the show will get do some “what if” scenes as well. They will dive into what it would be like if Mike had not lost his battle with Alzheimer’s. That will surely have fans sobbing over the next few days.

General Hospital stars
  Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers indicate that at the end of next week, Joss will be paying a visit to Mike. This may continue into the following week as well.

Last Monday, Sonny had an emotional moment with his dad. Mike was responding to what Sonny said and that prompted him to take his dad on a road trip to be around the horses that he loved so much. Mike enjoyed this last day trip with his son. It was a touching scene and one that will be remembered long after he is gone.

As Mike’s loved ones prepare to say goodbye, viewers will also need to prepare themselves by grabbing some tissues as they watch the end to another amazing General Hospital story. It has been a roller coaster of emotions brought to life by supremely talented actors.