WWE News: Top Superstar Squashes Real-Life Beef With Paul Heyman

As quoted by Fightful, WWE superstar AJ Styles took to Twitch this week and shared his thoughts regarding Paul Heyman’s recent move to Friday Night SmackDown.

There is no love lost between Styles and Heyman. The former has been open about how much he dislikes the former executive director of Monday Night Raw after working with him in recent months. This has led to speculation that being on the same show could cause more issues between the pair.

Styles accused Heyman of throwing superstars under the bus when he was working in his previous backstage position. He also reportedly blamed him for playing a part in the releases of his friends, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

During the Twitch stream, Styles stated that he’s willing to act cordial around Heyman whenever they cross paths backstage. However, he also said that he doesn’t expect them to become best friends.

“I could care less. It’s water under the bridge. Not saying that I have forgotten what he’s done, but I’m not gonna be that guy who holds a grudge, I’m not like that. Okay dude, you know you pissed me off, you know how I feel, I may not ever trust you again, can I get along with him professionally? Absolutely. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna be mean to him or say anything, it’s over. My buddies are doing fine.”

Anderson and Gallows have since joined Impact Wrestling and started new business ventures, such as the recent Talk N’ Shop A Mania pay-per-view. Their success elsewhere appears to have alleviated some of the resentment Styles had for Heyman.

AJ Styles poses on the entrance ramp

Heyman will no longer be able to make creative decisions regarding performers. As highlighted by the Fightful report, he was fired from his previous position after Styles was moved to the blue brand. He is now serving as Roman Reigns’ manager on WWE television, while Bruce Prichard is overseeing the creative teams on both of the company’s weekly flagship shows.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Heyman’s arrival on the blue brand could have implications on the upcoming draft. Due to Styles’ real-life heat with Heyman, either he or Reigns could move to another brand.

However, the report also stated that it’s possible one of the performers could switch shows simply because they’re both main event heels. With Reigns expected to be pushed as the top heel for the foreseeable future, Styles might not receive many title opportunities.

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