Nancy Pelosi Stylist Claims He Received Permission To Serve Her By eSalon Owner

The stylist who served Nancy Pelosi at San Francisco-based eSalon last month has come forward through his lawyers to offer up his own version of how her visit to the business transpired. Among the claims Jonathan DeNardo made through an official statement on Wednesday was that the Democratic lawmaker and the cosmetologist had permission from the owner of the salon to be there.

Pelosi’s daughter Christine posted the release from DeNardo’s attorneys via Twitter. She made no comment in the tweet other than including the hashtag “setup.”

The letter begins by stating Soleiman, APC is officially representing the stylist. It then goes on to say that DeNardo did perform services for Pelosi on August 31 and, at all times, followed protocols and mandates put in place by the city of San Francisco throughout the appointment.

The stylist added, through the statement, that he’s worked at eSalon for approximately six years and regularly communicated with the establishment’s owner, Erica Kious. Those communications continued during the coronavirus pandemic when the business had to change the way it operated.

He claimed those communications included a phone call on August 29 discussing allowing Pelosi to come into the salon in order to get her hair done. Kious was allegedly told during the phone call that the appointment wouldn’t proceed unless the owner was OK with it.

The law firm claimed through the official statement that the owner took a special interest in the appointment and went on to say several disparaging things about Pelosi. She is reported to have said it was the Speaker of the House’s fault eSalon had to shut down for a time and then eventually change the way it operated.

Matthew Soleimanpour, the attorney who is representing DeNardo, said the owner eventually relented and said to go ahead and meet with Pelosi.

The lawyer went on to claim the establishment didn’t open especially and only for Pelosi. He said his law firm was in possession of photographs and videos showing it was in operation long before she was seen at the location.

The law firm’s release came after Pelosi and her camp claimed the story appeared to be some kind of trap set up by her political rivals.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, President Donald Trump was among the Republicans who blasted Pelosi for the incident after one of the photos showed her without a mask on. She said she only removed her mask for a short period when she was getting her hair washed.

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