Camille Kostek Pushes Through Leg Workout On Gym’s Turf: ‘I Can’t Get Up’

Camille Kostek is adapting to life in Tampa Bay — and she’s already found a place to workout. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model has been going to a gym not too far from her new digs — a high-rise abode that she shares with beau Rob Gronkowski — and she is putting in work while her honey is training with the Buccaneers.

This week, she has been hitting the gym with Coach Lance, a Tampa-area fitness trainer, and he has been putting her body to the test. On Tuesday, Kostek took to her Instagram stories to share her challenging leg workout. She propped up her cell phone to record her as she pushed what looked like a plyometric box across the gym’s turf. Wearing a pair of black leggings, a gray sports bra, and a pair of white sneakers, she crouched down to push the box, using her hamstrings to propel her forward.

“Listen to [me] talk to [myself] to keep pushing,” Kostek captioned one of the videos. “Your mind listens to your words,” she added. If you listen closely, you could hear her cheering herself on, pushing to the finish line.

In the background, you can hear Coach Lance yell, “Let’s go, baby!” As Kostek approached the end of the turf, her trainer walked in front of the camera carrying a yoga mat and bobbed his head to the music. But that wasn’t the end of the circuit. Kostek had to make it back to where she started, using all of her strength to finish up.

“You’re witnessing the ‘finisher’ circuit,” Kostek captioned the next video, which showed her collapsing onto the box at the end of her session. She put her head down and looked over at her trainer, her long ponytail bouncing atop her head. “Yo, my hamstrings,” she said. “I can’t get up,” she added, with a big smile on her face, clearly proud of herself and the hard work that she put in.

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On Monday, Coach Lance had Kostek running up several flights of stairs in the extreme Florida heat. Nevertheless, Kostek seems to be finding her way in Tampa Bay, but she is still getting used to a few things, such as the weather — which is certainly a change from what she’s used to in New England! And, of course, she is still adjusting to cheering for a new football team. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kostek recently put on a Buccaneers jersey and took a video for her followers.