Jinger Duggar Thrills Fans With Adorable Bedtime Snap Of Daughter Felicity & Dad Jeremy Vuolo

Jinger Duggar thrilled fans with an adorable snap of daughter Felicity and her father Jeremy Vuolo as they settled down into their nightly bedtime routine. The Counting On star’s 1.3 million followers loved the sweet moment captured between father and daughter and liked the image over 81,000 times.

She shared in the caption how the young family readies themselves for bed each evening. Their favorite routine includes reading religious scripture with Felicity while she is snuggled in the arms of her mother or father.

Jinger then asked her followers what their favorite bedtime routines were with their own children.

“We say alphabets (he claps), count to 10 (he screams 10 at the end and waves his hands in the air), and say prayers. Then we say it’s night-night time and we head into his room. He’ll be 2 on October 1st, and baby sister is due the following week,” shared one fan.

“My little ones are now 6’2 tall teenage boys but sharing books with them, then transitioning to them reading to me are my favorite bedtime memories,” said a second follower.

“We count with our fingers how many people (including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) love our child. We even add all the family pets,” remarked a third Instagram user.

“Dance party. Teeth brushing. Tidy their room. Book. Goodnights!” said a fourth fan.

In the image that Jinger snapped, Jeremy and Felicity were seated together as they scanned a Bible picture book.

Jeremy wore a bright yellow, short-sleeved shirt and gray shorts in the photo. His dark hair was slicked back, and he had a serious expression on his face. He held the book in his hands and one arm was wrapped protectively around the toddler.

The toddler wore a gray pajama shirt with coordinating blue patterned bottoms. Her feet were bare and crossed together. The toddler’s curly hair appeared to be damp. She looked intently at her picture Bible and pointed out something to her dad as they read together.

Beyond Jeremy and his little girl, a dark brown wooden desk was seen placed in front of a window. A leather chair was positioned in front of it. Atop the traditional-looking desk, a green-and-gold reading lamp, along with picture books and a purple orchid plant was positioned. The area’s white walls lend a bright and airy feel to the room.

Jinger will welcome her second child, a daughter, sometime in November of this year. She shared in an Instagram post seen here following her announcement that she could not wait to see a bond form between the two sisters as they grow up together.

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