WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Reportedly Wants To Push ‘Monday Night Raw’ Superstar ‘To The Moon’

According to TalkSport, Vince McMahon is very high on Keith Lee and has plans to give the superstar a significant push on the main roster. The WWE Monday Night Raw newcomer defeated Randy Orton at last night’s Payback pay-per-view, and the match appears to have been a star-making performance for the former NXT Champion.

According to one of the outlet’s sources, McMahon tasked the veteran with making the hopeful look good in the match. They also noted that Lee picking up the victory was no small feat, given that “The Viper” has received his own push in recent months.

“Imagine how high Vince has to be on someone to have Randy Orton put them over clean as a whistle. Orton, doing the best work of his career, wants to help create that next generation of stars. He gets it.”

The source also stated that McMahon wants to “push [Lee] to the moon,” suggesting that he has World Championship plans for the new Monday Night Raw star. Given that Lee’s Payback opponent has been involved in the title picture lately, Lee’s victory will make him a possible contender for Drew McIntyre’s prize.

TalkSport also revealed that “The Viper” was reportedly more than happy to put Lee over. The 14-time World Champion recently requested matches with Adam Cole and Tomasso Ciampa as he supposedly wants to coach NXT stars. He has also been helping out red brand performers such as Angel Garza and other rising hopefuls.

Lee’s instant success also indicates that McMahon’s previous claims that he intends on building new stars could be true. The chairman told an investor’s call that the company will be promoting young talent moving forward in an effort to boost the ratings.

There could also be plans in place to turn Lee heel now that he’s arrived on the main roster. McIntyre is a babyface who has run out of notable heel opponents to defend his title against. Now that Lee is on the same show as the Scottish performer, he could fill that role and take the gold eventually.

Lee played up his friendship with McIntyre during his pre-match interview at Payback. This could be to set up a shocking betrayal down the line.

The TalkSport article highlighted that there could be a triple threat match coming up between the three aforementioned wrestlers. The champion is out with a storyline injury as of this writing, however, so it may be a few weeks until the showdown takes place.

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