Miley Cyrus Gives Her Wrecking Ball Ride A Disco Makeover For The 2020 MTV VMAs

For her MTV VMAs performance on Sunday night, Miley Cyrus took her fans back to a simpler time when face masks weren’t commonplace accessories and awards shows could take place in front of large live audiences. The song she sang was her newest hit, “Midnight Sky,” but the visuals were a throwback to her massively popular 2013 music video for “Wrecking Ball.”

In the original oft-imitated video, Miley, 27, wore a skimpy white ensemble and swung around on a large wrecking ball that was a bit dirty and utilitarian. Her ride got a major makeover at the VMAs, and she saved the giant dazzling disco ball for her grand finale.

Miley’s socially-distant production began with a shot of the singer in silhouette. As the synth opening of “Midnight Sky” played, she stood in front of a glowing white circle that soon became blood-red. She was also bathed in red light. The singer rocked a slinky black skirt that was somewhat sheer. It also boasted a design that matched her sleek mullet hairstyle. The garment was super-short on the left side, thanks to a slit that was cut daringly high. The rest of the skirt fell to the knee.

Miley rocked a matching sleeveless crop top with a scoop neck. Both pieces of her outfit were crafted out of fabric that sparkled as she moved. Her accessories included a number of chunky rings, stacked bracelets, and layered necklaces, including a thick gold chain with a large cross pendant. The singer appeared to have on the same stiletto sandals that she wore for her red carpet photos.

The lighting eventually switched to being blue, and Miley got down on her knees and crawled around on the ground. When the background became pitch black, she ascended a staircase with glowing steps. A glittering mirrorball hanging from a thick chain was slowly descending down to the staircase.

After Miley reached the top, she whipped off her skirt to reveal the black underwear that she was wearing underneath it. She then proceeded to climb onto the mirrorball. As her song came to its conclusion, she clung to the chain and swayed her hips along with the music. Her final backdrop was white.

The video of her first live performance of “Midnight Sky” has already been viewed over 190,000 times on MTV’s YouTube page.

“Everything here is a masterpiece,” wrote one viewer in the comments section.

“She’s an icon, I don’t make the rules,” another fan remarked.

“Why she is so ICONIC, her performances keep getting better,” a third admirer gushed.

Miley’s red carpet look seemed to foreshadow her ride on the oversize disco decoration. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she rocked a Mugler dress embellished with small silver discs, much like the reflective surface of the mirrorball.

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