WWE News: Miro, AKA Rusev, Shares Real Thoughts On Vince McMahon

Rusev makes his way to the ring

As documented by Sportskeeda, Miro — formerly Rusev in WWE — took to Twitter on Sunday and shared his real thoughts about the company and its chairman, Vince McMahon.

Responding to fans in a Q&A session, the former United States Champion revealed that he holds no ill will or resentment toward the promotion or its owner. He even expressed his gratitude to them for giving him a platform to live his “dream.”

Miro met his wife, Lana, because of WWE and he became a household name. Despite not receiving the push many of his supporters felt he deserved, he also won some championships and got to wrestle legends such as The Undertaker.

Some social media users may have assumed that Miro had a negative opinion of his old employer. As The Inquisitr recently reported, he has aired some of his grievances with the company. While he doesn’t appear to be holding any grudges against them, he had opened up about his frustrations while he was a member of the roster.

Miro claimed that officials were upset with him for getting over with the fans. He was supposed to be a heel when he became popular, but fans ended up chanting his name and he became a top merchandise seller.

According to the former superstar, McMahon tried to downplay his impressive merchandise sales by saying that it only sold out because they made a limited supply of it. He was never given a push, and he ended up losing at WrestleMania at the peak of his popularity.

Rusev poses in the ring

Miro was released by WWE back in April. Since then, he’s dedicated his time to Twitch streaming. The former superstar has stated that he has no intention of returning to the squared circle, though he has been linked with All Elite Wrestling, and Cody Rhodes has expressed an interest in signing him.

In a separate Sportskeeda report, it was revealed that Miro has been linked with a return to the promotion at a later date. His name was mentioned during a promo for an episode of Monday Night Raw back in June.

It is believed that officials will try to convince some recently released talents to return in the near future. They reversed their decision to let go of Drake Maverick after all, and several furloughed employees are expected to return. Miro was a regular fixture on television during his tenure, and he does have his admirers.