Guillermo Del Toro Responds To Michael Bay’s ‘Rip-Off’ Comments

Guillermo del Toro has responded to Michael Bay’s recent comments about certain Transformers rip-offs that are currently headed to theaters.

Bay’s presentation at CinemaCon included remarks that there were have been too many Transformers wannabes in recent years. The director also stated that audiences “should know better.” Although he didn’t specifically name any films, it’s not to hard to put the pieces together.

Since Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro is preparing to unleash his own giant robot movie into theaters later this year, the filmmaker decided to respond to Michael Bay’s statement.

“We are far, far far away from that in a very willing fashion. For good or bad, this is my movie. This is my universe and my creation, and I do not create through comparison,” Del Toro explained to The Hollywood Reporter.

He added, “The fights don’t occur in well-lit, super cool, car commercial-looking environments. They occur in the middle of a raging sea storm or in a savage snow storm. They happen in a universe that is incredibly saturated.”

It’s pretty easy to tell from the trailers for Pacific Rim that Guillermo del Toro has absolutely no interest in ripping off anything Michael Bay’s Transformers series has to offer. Unfortunately for the Del Toro, many moviegoers might draw comparisons between the two projects.

Showing that he has a sense of humor about the whole situation, Del Toro stated that his creations would annihilate every “robot in the history of mankind in a toe-to-toe showdown.”

Pacific Rim tells the story of mankind’s quest to destroy a handful of giant monsters that are quickly demolishing everything in their path. In order to combat this menace, scientists create a series of enormous robots that are remotely powered by human beings.

What do you think about Michael Bay’s recent CinemaCon comments? Do you think Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim is a Transformers rip-off?