WWE News: Triple H Addresses Misconduct Allegations Surrounding ‘NXT UK’ Superstars Ahead Of Show’s Return

Triple H has been doing the media rounds to promote the return of NXT UK in September, and he’s been asked about some of the controversies surrounding superstars on the brand amid the #SpeakingOut movement. He discussed the matter in a recent interview with Metro.

The company has already released or suspended some performers who had misconduct accusations levied against them. “The Game” stated that the promotion also set up NXT UK in an effort to make the industry a safer place.

“Part of this is why we started [NXT UK] in the first place – to professionalize and put that system into place where everyone can feel safe and protected and have a working environment that is inclusive of everyone and the opportunity to do what we do.”

Jack Gallagher was fired after being accused of assault and all mention of him was removed from WWE’s website. Ligero and Travis Banks were also released, while Jordan Devlin and Joe Coffey were handed suspensions. Wolfgang was also accused of emotional abuse and taking inappropriate photos of schoolgirls, but he appears to have kept his job.

According to Triple H, every case was investigated and the appropriate action was taken. He stated that not every allegation was true, but the promotion performed their due diligence and acted accordingly.

“We take every allegation very seriously, and you can refer back to our policy. It’s zero tolerance for things of this manner. We look into everything. We look into it, we go from there to see what is legitimate, what is not, what is real, what isn’t, and deal with it accordingly.”

The Hall of Famer noted that WWE’s policy is to suspend superstars following an arrest, then release them if they get convicted. He also stated that incidents that happened years ago aren’t ignored, and he encouraged everyone to speak up if they experienced any form of injustice.

The promotion has been criticized over its handling of certain situations, however. The Inquisitr recently reported that one of Velveteen Dream’s accusers claimed that officials didn’t reach out to hear his side of the story before bringing the superstar back to television.

The decision to bring Dream back has reportedly resulted in the star receiving backstage heat. It is believed that he’s received preferential treatment and that any other performer would have been fired if they were in his position.

Austin Theory returned to NXT television this week after taking time off following similar accusations.

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