‘RHOP’ Star Ashley Darby Reveals She Wants Another Baby With Husband Michael

Ashley Darby’s first child, son Dean, may have just turned 1, but when it comes to expanding her family with husband Michael Darby, the Real Housewives of Potomac cast member doesn’t want to waste any time. In fact, during an interview with The Daily Dish on August 28, Ashley said she hopes that her little boy will “have a sibling soon.”

She confirmed that she is “most definitely” ready for another baby, and applauded her husband as a “hands-on dad” and said it has been “wonderful” watching her 1-year-old boy grow.

“I would really have a football team if I could, but out of respect for my partner, you know, I’ll stick with two,” Ashley said, revealing she is “100 percent ready for a baby now.”

According to Ashley, she’s been told to have kids younger because it’s easier to keep them together. She also believes that with her husband being 74 years old, he doesn’t want to wait too long and cut into the amount of time he gets to spend with them.

“We’re definitely trying to have our children back to back,” the 32-year-old shared.

Ashley went on to say that after welcoming Dean last year, she experienced postpartum depression but didn’t realize she had it. As she explained, she believed that what she was feeling was normal for new moms until she began having “some really dark thoughts” about herself and started to feel completely overwhelmed.

Looking back, Ashley said that when it came to her role as a mom to Dean, her postpartum struggles led her to believe she was not capable of keeping her son safe. Luckily, after experiencing these thoughts and feelings, Ashley was able to get to a better place with the help of a professional.

Ashley Darby attends the OK! Magazine Summer Kickoff Party.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Ashley recently admitted that when it came to RHOP Season 5, she nearly didn’t rejoin her co-stars for filming last year due to her intense struggles with postpartum depression.

She explained on the “Betches” show on YouTube that she went through some major road bumps after welcoming Dean last July and questioned whether or not she could handle being a part of the group.

“I wasn’t being the person I have been for the last four years on the show. I am a completely different person. It was a challenge to get back into the swing of things,” she admitted.

In addition to Dean, Michael is also dad to two adult children, who he shares with a previous partner.