AEW News: CM Punk Names Three Wrestlers He’d Be Interested In Having Matches With

As documented by, CM Punk took to Twitter for a Q&A session with fans and revealed that he’s interested in working with AEW’s The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.

The answer was in response to a fan who stated that he wants to see Punk work with Omega, which could be dubbed “Best in the World v Best Bout Machine.”

Punk stated that Omega and the Bucks would be the most “interesting” to him, suggesting that he’s open to the possibility of stepping back into the squared circle if the deal is right for him.

Omega is regarded by many wrestling fans as the greatest in-ring competitor in the world at the moment. His matches have received six and seven stars from Dave Meltzer and received critical acclaim across the industry.

The Young Bucks, meanwhile, are often cited as the best tag team working at the moment. As noted by Sporting News, the duo is also friends with “The Straight Edge Superstar” outside of the ring.

Matches involving Punk and any of these parties would be a dream for most wrestling fans. However, they’d be dependent on Punk and AEW being able to come to terms on a deal for the former WWE star.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the promotion has reached out to Punk about joining in the past. Cody Rhodes stated that the deal fell through as the former World Champion supposedly wanted too much money, but the door will always be open to him should he decide to compete again.

Punk doesn’t appear to be in any rush to wrestle another match, though. According to the performer, it’d take a big-money offer to tempt him back into action. He was discussing WWE at the time, so perhaps he’d be less pricey for AEW since he is on good terms with company officials.

The former UFC star has named several in-ring talents he’d like to work with since seemingly hanging up his boots in 2014. However, he appears to be more focused on his other career ventures for now.

During the Q&A session, Punk confirmed that he’s still employed by Fox as a wrestling pundit. WWE Backstage was canceled by the network, but he has taken part in watch-along parties of old pay-per-views.

Punk said that he loves working for the network, but he isn’t sure what the future holds. He said that they need to come up with an idea that “fits,” but he hasn’t closed the door to more TV analysis work.

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