‘Mr. Jones’ Movie Lands Anchor Bay Ahead Of Tribeca Premiere

Mr. Jones, a movie that takes a nightmarish look at what happens when a young couple’s curiosity gets the better of them, has landed a distributor in Anchor Bay Entertainment.

The Hollywood Reporterannounced a deal had been reached in spite of the film’s world premiere still one day away at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Kevin Kasha, executive vice-president of acquisitions and co-productions for Anchor Bay said the company was “delighted to be in business again with Preferred Film & TV,” adding that Mr. Jones is “a unique and original film that will keep horror fans guessing throughout.”

Film producer Ross M. Dinerstein was a driving force behind the new thriller and has previously sold The Grand and The Divide to the distributor.

Kasha continued: “Ross has once again demonstrated his talent and passion for producing genre films.”

Writer Karl Mueller penned the script for Dinerstein’s The Divide and with Mr. Jones, he makes his directorial debut. The film will focus on Penny (Sarah Jones) and Scott (Jon Foster), a couple living in a remote cabin.

The couple’s only neighbor is a hermit, who creates bizarre sculptures and heads out into the woods with those creations night after night, never acknowledging the couple or making any effort at contact.

Scott and Penny believe the man to be the reclusive artist “Mr. Jones,” but as they dig deeper into the mystery, “their only escape is through the realm of their own nightmares,” THR stated.

A look at the IMDb cast and crew sheet should leave suspense fans quite hopeful. There are only five performers in the entire film, which means it will have to rely on building suspense over body counts, a rarity nowadays.

While we couldn’t track down a trailer for Mr. Jones at the time of this post, here’s a look at Mueller and Dinerstein’s previous effort The Divide:

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The year is shaping up to be a great one for horror films with You’re Nexton the way to go along with the recent success of the Evil Dead remake. This one is sure to pick up steam as it rolls out to a wider audience in the coming months.

Are you excited for the Mr. Jones movie? Which horror film of 2013 are you most anticipating (or has it already come)?